Support women cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast:

I have been invited by @Magnum to create an illustration of a pleasure imagined in Ivory Coast.
My Pleasure Imagine artwork was inspired by a picture that my father took when we visited the Cathedral of Yamoussoukro. My mom was born and raised in Ivory Coast, so when I was younger, we were visiting her family in Abidjan and other places in the country.
Artists from around the world have been invited by Magnum to take the empty streets that we all saw during the past few months and reimagine pleasure in those streets. During the week, there will be new artworks posted every day on Magnum’s Instagram page.
Magnum partnered with the NGO 100weeks to support women cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast. The cocoa farmers are part of Magnum's community as an ice cream chocolate brand, so Magnum wanted to help them during this time. Magnum already committed 250k euros, and this exhibition aims to raise additional funds to these farmers. Click the link in my bio to learn how you can contribute.​​​​​​​