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For long, the media has not represented people of color in the best light. Today thanks to the decentralization of the media via the internet we can see, hear and read more nuanced and colored stories.
As a graphic artist, I decided to create visuals which represent the story I share with millions of other people.
Through my illustrations, I aim to bring colors and new narratives inspired by different cultures and personal experiences.
My journey as an independent artist started one year ago on my Instagram where today 9000 people have joined me. I began to be consistent by posting daily illustrations and animations on Instagram by the name of 4ur3lia ( My goal was to connect with people who could relate to my stories and who enjoy art as I do. I am amazed that I have touched many people along my new journey. And I want to keep going making posts to make you feel happy, inspired and motivated. That is why I am starting my campaign on Patreon:
For me having support from you would make me feel secure to keep running my business and think about bigger and better projects like making longer animations or making more paintings so I can make an exhibition and meet with you. Today I am limited by time and obligations, but maybe tomorrow, if you help me, I would be able to develop further the universe I have created and reached out to more people to build a bigger community.
I hope you will support me and make art matters to create new colored narratives!
How PATREON works?
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